The Butchmanns Experience is an experiential weekend offering opportunities for self-discovery. The event uses hands-on basic SM practices to explore awareness of internal direction, and it uses the practice of Master/slave dynamics to mindfully observe inner resources and qualities that are transferrable to our relationships in life. 

Butchmanns Experience invites us to visit our fetishes --- that may both soothe and challenge us -- for the purpose of identifying and celebrating who we are now. This readies us for the next step on our paths in life.  

The activities of flogging, ritual temporary piercing, mummification, and Responsibility-Obedience practice are further explored through in-depth discussions. The weekend environment is structured to encourage safely entering new experiences, with the Faculty members supporting each individual's unique experience.

Are you willing? 

Butchmanns Experience for 2020

Pansexual - March 27-29, Oregon City, OR  Tickets here

All-Male - June 5-7, Oregon City, OR Canceled
Pansexual - July 31-August 2, Cincinnati OH Tickets here
All-Female - October 16-18​
, Oregon City, OR Tickets here

Now Accepting Hosting Requests for Butchmanns Experience 2020 Info Here

Some of Our History


June 7th – 9th All Male Butchmanns Experience, Oregon City, OR
August 2nd – 4th Pansexual Butchmanns Experience – Cincinnati OH
August 9th – 11th All Women Butchmanns Experience, Oregon City, OR

July 6th – 8th All Male, Oregon City, OR
June 15th -17th Pansexual, Salt Lake City, UT
August 3rd – 5th Pansexual, Cincinnati OH

June 9 – 11, All Male, Oregon City, OR
July 21-23, Pansexual, Cincinnati, OH
August 11 – 13, All Female, Oregon City, OR 
October 20 - 22, Pansexual, Phoenix, AZ

April 15th – 17th Pansexual, Phoenix AZ

July 22nd – 24th Pansexual, Cincinnati OH
August 12th – 14th All Women, Phoenix, AZ
September 30th – October 2nd  Pansexual, Baltimore, MD

January 30th – February 1st, All Male, San Diego, CA
June 12th – 14th, All Male, Phoenix, AZ
July 24th – 26th, Cincinnati, OH
August 14th – 16th, All Women, Phoenix, AZ
October 9th – 12th, Pansexual, Phoenix, AZ